Novelty Contest

Best Supporting Public Service Agency

CSC Run By The Bay aims to promote a healthy lifestyle among public officers and we are on the lookout for the Best Supporting Public Service Agency! We will be rewarding the top three Division I & Division II organisations which send in the most number of runners! Stay tuned to our leaderboard to see who is in the lead!

Rules & regulations:

  1. Contest is only open to Division I & II government agencies under the Public Service STAR Games. Find the full list of organisations here.
  2. Contest closes on 10 September 2017. Winners will be based on the total number of registered participants as at 10 September 2017.
  3. Only participants registered under the Public Service category will be counted.
  • Top 3 winners of each division will receive a Crystal Trophy each. Results will be announced on race day during prize presentation.

You may contact for more details.

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