Our Pacers

Run with our Pacers!


Ace your race by running with CSC Run by the Bay 2017’s Official Pacers from Punggol Runners!

Run with the pacer group, identified by these helium coloured balloons as they pace you to the finish line.

21KM Half MarathonGroup A: 1 HR 50 MINSLime Green
Group B: 2 HRS 00 MINSBaby Blue
Group C: 2 HRS 10 MINSOrange
Group D: 2 HRS 20 MINSMint Green
Group E: 2 HRS 30 MINSYellow
Group F: 2 HRS 40 MINSLavender
10KMGroup G: 1 HR 05 MINSRed
Group H: 1 HR 10 MINSRoyal Blue
Group I: 1 HR 15 MINSSilver
CSC Pacers Main Img
Meet our friendly team of pacers from Punggol Runners who will be down on race day to motivate and help you to complete the race!

Firoz Mahmood

I was putting on weight when a friend encouraged me to start running. At the age 36 it was tough to start, but I overcame it and it has become my hobby. Since I started running, I am more mentally alert, mentality stronger and have a more positive mindset. Being a pacer will allow me to run alongside other runners, and motivate them. With just “a little push”, I believe that all runners will be able to finish it.

Tan Shun Hua

Being a pacer allows me to help participants and encourage them during the run to achieve their PB.  It also allows me to meet more friends and train as a group.

Sherlynn Tan

I was in Biathlon in my university days but started focusing solely running about 1.5 years ago. I have been hooked since.

I love and have gained a lot from the sport of running and being a pacer would serve as a good way for me to contribute back to this amazing run community. As an added bonus, being a pacer allows me to meet new friends who share the same passion

Kenny Lok

Running is a gift and I am glad I was able to rediscover the joy of running since year 2010.
It is a blessing that I was able to complete many half and full marathons since then. As a way to contribute to the running community, I started to pace for several running events from 2015 and the greatest satisfaction of pacing was to see runners crossed the finishing line each time.
My team and I look forward to encourage fellow runners to achieving their personal running goal while making the race experience a memorial one.

Joe Lim

I’m Joe Lim, from Toa Payoh Safra Running Club and part of CSC Run by the Bay 2017. Running makes me so happy and is a great way to stay healthy and in shape. My aim is to motivate participants to achieve their desired time.

Tan Teng Soon

In 2009, I started to run more to relieve stress and somehow got hooked into long distance running and started signing up for marathons. One thing I learnt from pacers in many races was that pacing is not simply about running with balloons in the race for other runners to follow, it is about helping them to achieve a goal that they once thought impossible. As a pacer, I am given the chance to inspire and help runners in crossing the finishing line strong and achieve their goal or even a better result.

Tan May Yee

I started running since school days. Through running, I feel motivated. It also makes me feel good and helps to build up my mental and physical endurance. As a pacer, I hope to motivate and encourage others to run and achieve their personal best for CSC Run By The Bay 2017.

Ow Khiam Wei

Having benefitted from running and collecting countless finisher medals over the years, repaying the running community seems to be a natural progression. Being a pacer allows me to play a small part in encouraging others to pick up running as integral part of their lifestyle. Through training and mingling with other pacers, I get to meet like-minded runners, to be inspired and hopefully to inspire others too.

Goh Ghee Koon

I started running because I wanted to keep fit.  I started with a short distance of 5km, then fell in love with running and started participating in many races. It’s my honour and privilege to be selected as part of the CSC Run By The Bay 2017 pacing team. I wish to fulfill my pacer duty, to encourage and motivate fellow runners into achieving their desired time, and dream of finishing the half marathon.

James Teo

I started running during my school days and my passion for running never left me. Running not only gives me good health but it also enables me to meet and make new friends along the way.  I believe that by being a pacer, I have the opportunity to motivate others, help others, and at the same time, enjoy my time meeting people that have the same thinking along the way.

Deon Chan

I was always a lukewarm person when comes to exercise. In 2014, I met with an accident on my spine and rested in bed for weeks. After recovering, I started exercising to shed off the weight from bed rest. From 5km, I progressively increased to 10km, 15km and subsequently 21km. I loss over 10kg in the process and in better shape than I was prior to my accident. I always believe in giving back to the running community, by assisting to motivate others through my life testimony. Our pacer team will  guide and encourage you to achieve your best wish or personal best.

Yong Chee Wai

I have over 20 years of running experience which I hope to share with and also to learn from others. I hope to contribute back to the running community, by motivating other runners, and hopefully inspire their love for running and bring joy to them by helping them to achieve their running targets.

I look forward to meeting more like-minded running friends who love running and embrace a healthy and disciplined lifestyle.


Dave Hio

Being a member of the Punggol Runners group, I have been training with the group under the guidance from established runners. We are very honoured to be given the opportunity to pace for the CSC Run By the Bay 2017. Alongside my team and the Punggol Runners running group, we aim to lead and motivate the race participants to finish strong.

Justin Tan

Completing a half/full marathon is easy, but completing it within a target time, that’s difficult! I personally enjoy running and derive a lot of satisfaction whenever I meet my target time. Being a pacer allows me to help others achieve the same feeling of satisfaction and is my way of giving back to the running community.

Christopher Lim

I started getting active about 15 years ago and found running one of the main activities to get me fit and trimmed within the shortest time. I progressed to participating in 10km and 21km races as well as triathlons, and have since completed countless races both locally and overseas.  Looking to give back to the running community, I took on the role of a pacer to encourage runners and ensure they are able to pace themselves for the entire distance. See you at the starting line! Together, we’ll make sure that you cross the finishing line at your desired completion time.

Evelyn Lek

I ran my first half-marathon in 2014 in 2 hours 16 minutes. Since then, I couldn’t’ stop running and it became my daily routine. I have completed 2 ultra-marathons and numerous full-marathons, half-marathons and other races. Running is my passion. I have paced for CSC Run By The Bay in 2016 and I am honor to pace again in 2017. I would like to encourage other runners as possible to finish the race with joy and fun by running together and also help other runners to achieve their personal goal or target.

Andy Tan

It is not too late to start running. Noticing I was overweight, I started running at the age of 44. It helped regulate my weight and improve my fitness. Through running I got to know a group of running friends who became my source of inspiration and motivation. I always believe that with self-discipline and determination, nothing is impossible. As a pacer, I wish to repay the running community by encouraging and helping others achieve their target timing. Join me, and together we will run.

Janice Soh

I picked up running in my school days to help me unwind and continue to enjoy the sport up to today. Along the way, I’ve met many selfless individuals who devoted their time and patience to guide and help me in my running journey. I would like to pay it forward by contributing as a pacer at the CSC Run By The Bay. Together we can go further. It is an accomplishment when I help runners cross the finishing line in this journey.

Brandon Tan

I’ve been into serious running since my 1st Full Marathon during SCMS 2006. I recalled it was a really tough, but also with great sense of fulfillment and satisfaction when I pushed myself across the finishing line! Ever since, I’ve trained hard and took part in many local and overseas races. Running not only trained me physically but mentally as well. It made me understand myself better, and overcome what I thought was impossible in the past. These are just a few of the many benefits I gained from running… Now it’s time for me to make the change, with a different approach, to share the benefits and help other passionate runners like myself. Being given a chance as a pacer would be the most direct way to do that!

Sharon Ong

I ran leisurely during my schooling days for leisure and form of stress release to keep fit and healthy. I never signed up for running events until 2008, and since have completed numerous races. I have never looked back and my passion of running grows. I am thankful and honored to be part of the team and for the chance to help runners achieve their goals. As a pacer I hope to be able to encourage and motivate as many runners as possible to finish the race by running together and also help them achieve their goals or personal target. Being a pacer also allows me to get to know more people and I enjoy running as a group.

Jeff Cheong

My passion for running started back in year 2013 when CSC Run By The Bay was my maiden race. I enjoyed every moment and challenge in my running life, and that is where I built up lots of friendships too. I would like to take this opportunity to be part of the pacer team this year, as a gesture of contributing back to the running community. I hope that my dedication will motivate runners to achieve their personal best as your achievement will always be my satisfaction.

Esther She

I participated as a pacer at the Star Wars run and there’s a sense of fulfillment when I help other runners achieve their personal best. Having ran with pacers in my other races I felt that it was helpful for me, and I feel that this is my way to give back to the running community.

Sabrina Ong

The feeling of completing my first full marathon was incredible. I hope I can help fellow runners feel the same way by meeting their personal targets. As a pacer, I hope to provide mental support to fellow runners by encouraging them to fight the battle and cross the finishing line strong.

Loke Hon Wah

I picked up running several years ago, starting from 10km, progressing to Half Marathons, and completed my first Full Marathon in 2016. Through running, I got to know friends who are equally passionate about the sport. We encourage and learn from each other during our runs, and I enjoy the camaraderie. It is my honour to be a pacer in the CSC Run By The Bay 2017 as it not only builds my confidence, but also gives me the opportunity to motivate and help other runners to achieve their goals. Join us as we complete the journey together!

Vincent Ho

I feel honored to be given a chance to be part of the pacing team, giving motivation and strength to people who love running. A chance bringing others to achieve their goals, those smiles when crossing the finishing line would really be satisfying. Come, join me this Oct 2017 to finish the race strong together!

Chin Choon Khim

Wanting to have a better work life balance and keep my weight in check, running has become my healthy lifestyle regiment for the more than 10 years. Having had the experience of being a pacer in CSC Run By The Bay 2016, I look forward to encourage fellow runners to achieve their desired personal race target. I also enjoyed the process of pacers training and guiding runners to cross the finishing line.

Low Chiew Siong

I enjoy running and want to give back to the running community by inspiring more people to take up running and motivate others to finish their race in good form.

Phillip Hou

In 2010 I picked up running as a hobby. I started to run, because I was very ill and didn’t exercise regularly. My doctor advised running, so I started doing long runs (5KM, 10KM, 15KM, 21.1KM and 42.195KM) with the help of a friend. I started to feel much better, and completed my first Full Marathon in 2012 at SCMS in a timing of 7 hours. Over the years, my timing improved gradually. I want to be a pacer because I want to motivate runners and help them achieve their personal best timing. See you runners at CSC Run By The Bay on 1st October 2017!

Lim Pei San

Running alone requires strong determination; however running in a group provides strong motivation. I started running after I sprained my leg in 2010. The initial thought of running was to strengthen my legs, but this ended with joining many races. The sense of achievement and accomplishment is satisfying and is the main reason that motives me to run. Completing a run requires physical and mental preparation. This starts from having a disciplined training program, diet control up to the race day. Through pacing, I wish to motivate more runners to finish a run in a correct, consistent and safe way.

Febby Lunardi

I started my running journey in 2016. I used to run as a short warm up to my other exercises, but never imagined running outdoors until a few friends invited me to their training preparation for Marina Run 2016. My first run was very exhausting and my legs almost cramped approaching the finishing line, however I felt that I had accomplished something and decided to run as weekly exercise. I came to love running and signed up for several events to motivate myself. I feel that all my problems are gone when running, and also feel healthier and energized at work. I want to be a pacer because I want to experience more benefits of running – get to know more runners and be involved in a community. Together, WE CAN CONQUER THE JOURNEY!

Dino Kong

I am an avid runner and truly enjoy the adrenaline rush that I get whenever I run. As a pacer, I look forward to run along with you, fellow runners on your race journey, and aim to work with and motivate you to complete the race within your target time. So, run alongside with me and we shall accomplish the distance together!

Christine Chong

Running is relatively new to me. After I got a kick out of it, I just couldn’t stop. The sense of accomplishment when I have finished a run keeps me motivated. As a Pacer, I am excited to help runners meet their goals while having fun at the same time.

Tan Li Yan

Being a pacer allows me to make new friends that share the same interest. I hope I will be able to give back to the running community to motivate and help the others to achieve their goals. It gives me a sense of happiness and fulfillment to be able to help others achieve their running goals.

Soh Say Joo

Running has been a core sport to keeping fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I started participating in numerous local running races for many years and have achieved personal bests from pacing programs. I want to contribute by volunteering to be a pacer and help others, especially new runners to achieve their personal bests and also enhance their race experiences. In addition, being in the pacer program improves my running form and teaches me to run as a team.

Desmond Ho

I have always wanted to be a pacer so I am really glad to be given a chance to pace for CSC Run By The Bay. In any running event, there will always be a group of participants who will find it an uphill task to even run 10 km non-stop. My role is to guide them with tender loving pacing. It’s also my desire to motivate these runners to help them feel a sense of accomplishment and achievement.

Daphne Ong

As a pacer, I am able to meet more people in the running community, promote running as a sport for healthy living and motivate other runners to achieve their goals in races. I have also picked up new skills such as the formation of teams, maintaining pace, and looking out for others’ safety, all of which help me be a better runner.

Gary Goh

I was out of shape 1.5 years ago and my health was beginning to suffer from it. I decided to take a big step to a healthy lifestyle and change myself. Running allowed me to experience the indescribable “Runner’s High” when goals are met but it has also expanded my circle of friends from all walks of life.  Being a pacer is my way of giving back to the running community. October 1st, I will be motivating those who need the extra push to win the race.

Debbie Peck

I started running in 2006 as I wanted to pursue a healthier lifestyle. Throughout these years, I got to know passionate running friends and we grew together in achieving motivation and happiness in our running days or races. Being a pacer, I wish to encourage more runners to achieve their goals. Believe that you can do it! Jia You!

Lee Kim Tah

I started running a few years ago and participated in a lot of running events. After I started to enjoy running, I became a pacer and have been pacing for 2 years. There’s a sense of euphoria and great satisfaction knowing I have helped runners cross the finishing line for the first time or achieve a new personal best. For CSC Run By The Bay 2017, my desire is to assist runners in achieving their aim and contribute back to the local running community.

Eleanor Lin

I started running since I was 18 to lose weight. My running was not consistent, and my dream to lose weight was never fulfilled until 2014. I started running home from my workplace at least once a week, clocking about 10.5km distance. I registered for my first race – Shape Run(10km) in the same year. Since then, have I ran several half marathons and lost almost 20kg. Running also helps me to unwind from work and clear my mind. Being a pacer lets me encourage runners to cross the finish point and attain their personal best timing.

Caleb Tay

I am in the pacer team because I want to encourage and share the benefits of running with new runners and runners who run to reduce their weight. I believe that everyone has to start somewhere if they want to pursue running as a lifestyle, and my testimony as well as my presence in the pacing team will be an encouragement to all.

Patrick Kok

I have been running for more than 10 years, running races ranging from 5km to ultra marathons. I have been a pacer for more than 10 races and always get joy and satisfaction from being able to motivate runners to achieve their goals.

Alyssa He

Although not a seasoned runner, I have grown to love running to maintain fitness and clear my mind. As a pacer, I hope to inject fun and a community sense into the typically individual sport, while helping fellow runners to achieve their running goals and finish strong together!

Lindsay Chow

To others, running long distances can be a bore, but I found it to be an exercise that allows me to de- stress and put all of my thoughts aside. After running, I realised I am more mentally alert, with a stronger mentality and more positive mindset. Being in the pacer team will allow me to run alongside other runners, to motivate and help them achieve the distance that they never thought they could ever complete. With just “a little push”, I believe that all runners will be able to finish what they started.